Why DGS Immersive

Above all, our service is centred around quality over quantity. The team behind DGS Immersive has supported over 50 collective training exercises. This gives them a unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge, they adapt quickly to changes, maintain the integrity of each scenario, and facilitate effective training over large geographical areas. Our dedicated team and group of role players has worked extensively in these fast paced and constantly changing environments. We are fully committed to delivering the best possible realistic training scenarios to our clients. 

Secondly, our exercise support is tailored to meet the specific and unique organizational needs of our clients. Through this type of experiential learning, participants will enhance skills, improve decision making, and promote teamwork, which leads to improved performance and operational effectiveness. 

In other words, DGS Immersive is a self-contained and self-sustaining support element to your training exercises. All we need is the basic who, what, where, when, and why then we will provide the how. We are low maintenance, flexible, adaptable, and scalable. These qualities will free up your company’s resources and manpower making this partnership more cost effective and efficient for you. 

Finally, we provide immediate feedback including pictures, timings, and videos that can be used for after action reviews. By providing the DGS Safety Officers with the training objectives, they can ensure key training moments are captured for review and coaching.