About Us

DGS Immersive - About Us

DGS Immersive is the ideal partner for collective training exercises, experiential learning, and live immersion training. Our training support is scalable as we understand the grandiose nature of collective training has changed as the global situation has changed. Also, DGS Immersive is a fully exportable training organization. Which allows us to integrate seamlessly into your established training structures no matter where you are located. Essentially, we are a scalable, portable, and collaborative support element to fit any of your immersive training needs. Another key element that sets us apart is our ability to be almost entirely self sufficient. This quality ensures your organization’s man power is freed up, saving you money, and time, all while providing a customized service. This also ensures continued continuity in your training as your organization changes and grows. Which is invaluable in today’s every changing global and cultural climate.

We have over 16 years of experience supporting, planning and executing both large- and small-scale exercises. We employ film quality moulage make up for medical scenarios, which completely draws in the training audience, suspending disbelief. Additionally, our role players are highly trained, professional actors. Above all, they are whole heartedly committed to providing the most realistic characters for the scenarios. They are handpicked to fulfill the specific needs of the exercise. 

Our Mission and Corporate Culture

Finally, our corporate culture is centred around three main values: loyalty, collaboration, and innovation. Our purpose driven team is focused on ensuring all of our clients training objectives are met through meticulously tailored realistic training events. 

Our Mission: Is to build resilience in our community’s emergency response teams, military, police, and firefighters. This is done by creating the most realistic training scenarios possible. These scenarios challenge the participants to apply their knowledge and skills, make decisions, and experience the consequences of their actions in a safe and supportive environment.