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DGS Immersive Training

DGS Immersive offers scalable and portable training support for collective training exercises, experiential learning, and live immersion training. With a mission to build resilience in emergency response teams, military, police, and firemen, they create realistic training scenarios that challenge participants to apply their skills and experience the consequences of their actions in a safe environment. With a team of experienced professionals, film-quality special effects, and dedicated role players, DGS Immersive strives to meet clients' training objectives through customized and realistic training events. Learn More About DGS Immersive Training

What Is Immersive Training

Immersive training involves fully engaging participants in realistic and interactive environments to practice and develop skills. It is commonly used in military exercises, private security training, and for first responders. Participants experience real-world settings with props, actors, and specialized facilities to simulate scenarios they would encounter in their roles. This hands-on approach allows them to apply their skills, make quick decisions, adapt to changing situations, and enhance teamwork. Immersive training provides a more engaging and effective learning experience, allowing participants to gain practical experience and improve their performance in real-life situations. Learn More

The DGS Immersive Training Advantage

DGS Immersive prioritizes quality in their services, drawing from their extensive experience supporting over 50 collective training exercises. They possess a unique perspective on effective training methods and quickly adapt to changes while maintaining scenario integrity. With a dedicated team and experienced role players, they are committed to delivering realistic training scenarios tailored to meet clients' specific organizational needs. DGS is a self-contained and self-sustaining support element, requiring only basic information to provide comprehensive training solutions that are low maintenance, flexible, adaptable, and scalable. They offer immediate feedback through pictures, timings, and videos to facilitate after-action reviews and coaching. See The DGS Advantage

Benefits of Immersive Training

Live immersion training, also known as immersive training or experiential learning, offers several key features and benefits. It involves realistic simulations of real-world scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge and skills, make decisions, and experience the consequences of their actions. This active learning approach promotes skill development, fosters experiential learning by engaging multiple senses, enables learning from mistakes in a safe environment, encourages team building and collaboration, and creates emotional engagement for a more impactful learning experience. See All Of The Benefits

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